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#80 Technological facts and pseudoscientific myths about 5G

We hear about 5G most often in the context of pseudo-scientific theories about how the new technology works. On government websites we can find expert statements debunking the myths surrounding 5G – the impact on bees, brain function or causing COVID-19 – but the more effort we put into dispelling the myths, the more they appear in the discourse.

Dr. Eng. Tomasz Krawczyk, a DELab UW expert, talks about 5G technology: hopes and fears connected with the new technology, as well as pseudoscientific myths, answering Dr. Justyna Pokojska’s questions about:
– origin of myths related to 5G technology,
– the White Paper on 5G issued by the Ministry of Digitalisation,
– mechanisms of 5G operation from the perspective of science, in particular physics,
– harmfulness and carcinogenicity of the technology for humans,
– reasons why we need new generation telecommunication technologies,
– compatibility of devices with 5G,
– applications of the new technology, in particular in Industry 4.0,
– mechanisms of operation of 5G from a scientific perspective,
– 5G development scenarios and applications.

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