You are currently viewing #88 CoMobility – what can you do to spend less time in traffic jams?

#88 CoMobility – what can you do to spend less time in traffic jams?

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In recent years, city authorities seem to have invested more and more resources in the development of public transport and related infrastructure. This is all to make travelling around metropolises faster, more efficient and safer. However, the problems of congested cities seem to be getting worse over the last few years. What is this due to and how can we change it?

The CoMobilityproject, which looks at urban transport, is the subject of this article. Reflections on the safety, convenience, and economy of everyday mobility, with Dr. Katarzyna Archanowicz-Kudelska (Warsaw School of Economics), answering Dr. Justyna Pokojska’s questions about:
– getting around town faster, easier and more economically,
– alternatives to private transport,
– ways to use cars less frequently,
-methods for safer movement in the city,
– sustainable transport (safe, fast, economical, ecological),
– sources of our decisions on the choice of means of transport,
– people for whom a car is necessary,
– safety in urban transport,
– advances in mobility research,
– ways of coping without a car as a parent.

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