You are currently viewing #75 How to study the impact of fake news on public sentiment?

#75 How to study the impact of fake news on public sentiment?

Infodemia, due to the ever-increasing number of fake news stories spreading across the web with incredible speed, continues to flourish. The increasing amount of fake news in turn affects public sentiment. Can this impact be measured?

Whether the pandemic and infodemic have influenced our moods and opinions on vaccines and the European Union, and whether it is possible to study this at all is discussed by Prof. Michał Krawczyk from the Faculty of Economics Studies of the University of Warsaw, talking about an international research project funded by VolkswagenStiftung, and on the occasion of Dr. Justyna Pokojska’s questions about:
– the source of the idea for the mood survey,
– the reasons why it is important to study this issue,
– ways and methods by which attitudes and moods can be measured,
– countries which, apart from Poland, are taking part in the project,
– the influence of the media in creating our sentiments on key issues,
– investigating fake news related to the European Union,
– the assumptions behind the field experiments envisaged in the project,
– potential study participants,
– predictions about its outcome.

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