#27 Could the internet of things be out of our control?

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The topic of the first episode of the second season of the „Efekt Sieci” podcast is the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2017, Bill Gates advocated in an interview that he should consider taxing machines and robots. The European Parliament has indeed taken up this project, but the idea has not (yet) been adopted. It does, however, open up a discussion about how humanely we should treat robots.

The expert in the conversation with Dr. Justyna Pokojska is Dr. Sebastian Szymański, philosopher and cultural anthropologist from the Artes Liberales Collegium UW, who answers questions about:
– a definition of the rise in popularity of IoT devices, which has been observed for a long time – whether it brings about a change in the quality of life of their users or is it just a fad to which we willingly succumb,
– the purpose for which we introduce robots into our homes and what the intelligence of everyday objects is all about,
– the benefits to society of the development of the Internet of Things,
– the limits of machine self-learning – will smart devices one day beat us with their intelligence?
– the possibility of dystopian scenarios in which machines begin to live their own lives,
– the need to trust IoT devices in order to use them.

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